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Fun Things To Do During Summer in Zurich

Fun Things To Do During Summer in Zurich

Fun Things To Do During Summer in Zurich

The warmth from the summer sky makes Zurich gleam. As the epicenter of culture and history in Switzerland, it gifts tourists a memorable taste of Swiss life.

For students who’ll get the chance to spend summer in Zurich, the action is endless. They can cool off in an outdoor swimming bath or stroll the streets of Rennweg.

Summer in Zurich may be your gateway to the ultimate Swiss experience. Here are some fun things to do to enjoy your summer break in the city:

Take a Dip in Outdoor Swimming Pools

Summer days meant rest. But it also means parched skins, sweating, and exhaustion from extreme heat.

What’s a better way to wash these stressors away than dipping into swimming baths? The cold, clear water is enough to re-energize a weary mind and tired body.

Outdoor pools in Zurich are also unique in several ways. Some pools are exclusive for women, others for men. 

These outdoor pools often have a snack shack near the area, so you can enjoy while sipping cold drinks. Make sure to bring your buddies with you for more fun.

Dance Your Heart Out at Night Time Parties

Do you want a glimpse of the Swiss nightlife? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss out on attending parties with your friends in Zurich.

As night falls, celebrations rise in Zurich. Bars and venues pulsate with loud music. Party games fill the air with unbeatable glee. 

If you’re attending a formal soiree, make sure to pack up your best dress or suit. But if you’re into more laidback fun, casual clothes will do. Prepare some icebreakers too. 

Zurich bars and pools are popular among foreign tourists. They’re also a great place to end your day before heading home to rest.

Stroll Down Zurich Old Town

Want to use your summer break to learn more about Swiss culture? If you do, then the best way to beat the summer heat is to bask in the beauty of Zurich Old Town.

The Old Town is a part of Zurich that continues to tell history through buildings and churches. Monuments and houses adorn its streets with color and architectural flare.

You can join the Zurich Old Town Walking Tour to hear the history of the place through a professional guide. You can also journey through its cafes and corridors on your own.

Don’t forget to visit Bahnhofstrasse, the world-famous shopping center in Zurich. Then take a trip down Paradeplatz, Switzerland’s biggest finance region. 

Important Things to Remember

Heat and humidity are tolerable in Zurich, but you can’t be too sure. Make sure to wear light and comfortable clothes when going out.

Also, don’t forget to bring a tumbler of water to keep you hydrated. Put on a generous amount of sunscreen to avoid sunburn.

Before you head out, make sure to bring a map to navigate your way through. Remember to let your friends know about your whereabouts so they can reach you in case of an emergency. 

There are plenty of fun things to do during summer in Zurich. Check out our stories here at MSM Unify to discover more things to try when in Switzerland.


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