Canada Remains Most Popular Destination Among Int’l Students

Canada Remains Most Popular Destination Among Intl Students scaled 1

Because of its high educational standards and reputation as a diverse and accepting culture, the research by Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) shows how Canada remains one of the most popular destinations among international students.

Canada provides one of the most competitive packages in the world for international students, allowing them to work while they study, receive an open work visa after graduation, and pave the way for permanent citizenship.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to a CBIE report, Canada is one of the most popular study destinations for international students.
  • CBIE noted that 60% of international students in Canada want to become permanent residents, which is not possible in other countries.
  • Ontario remains the most popular place to work and study in Canada since it offers a diverse range of job opportunities for individuals who choose to stay in the country.

Because of the country’s lush nature, excellent colleges, and open, well-regulated immigration system, students from all over the world come to the country.

CBIE also noted that 60 percent of international students in Canada, with more than half coming from India or China, wish to seek to become permanent citizens, which is not a possibility in other nations.

Nearly 400,000 international students come to Canada each year to enhance their education. The number of international students in Canada has nearly doubled in the last two decades.

According to a recent survey of agents in May, Canada is the “most appealing study destination,” which can be attributed to the robust government response to COVID-19.

Approximately 550,000 international students are now enrolled in Canada, studying in a range of fields.

With over 100 universities, 200 colleges, and technical institutes offering virtually every program imaginable, Canada offers a wide range of courses to study, including computer science, media and journalism, arts and design, healthcare, legal, business and finance, and so on.

According to government reports, international students contribute CA$22 billion to the Canadian economy each year and support over 170,000 in employment.

Ontario is still the most popular place to work and study in Canada as it provides a wide array of job prospects for those who wish to stay in Canada after finishing their studies.

In 2021, Canada granted permanent residency to some 12,695 international graduates, the highest number in the country’s history.

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