Budget-Friendly Places in Moscow

Budget Friendly Places in Moscow

Russia might still seem like a place unfamiliar to many people due to its history of isolating itself from the greater part of the democratic world. However, Russia has changed a lot in the past decades. Its capital city, Moscow, has also become a favorite holiday destination for both locals and foreigners. 

Many places in Moscow are worth visiting, and you do not even need to have a lot of money to experience all of it. 

About Moscow

Moscow is home to the country’s national government. It is also the most populous city in the whole country and the center of Russia’s culture and economy. Also, it is one of the largest cities in Europe and the world.

For many people, the most familiar thing in Moscow would probably be its architecture, especially its iconic Red Square. Moscow is also the location of famous Russian architecture such as the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, and the Moscow Kremlin, where Russia’s seat of government is located.

Places to Visit in Moscow 

If you are planning to visit or stay in Moscow, here are some of the places worth visiting. Also, some of them are free or can be accessed at an affordable price. 

Visit the Kolomenskoye Estate 

Although Moscow is now a modern city, if you still want to experience Moscow in the Middle Ages, then you should visit the Kolomenskoye Estate, which also houses many museums.

The Estate’s 390-hectares location is also home to many churches from the 16th century, and some of them are actually UNESCO sites. The site also includes the amazing wooden place of Tsar Alexis I. 

To go here, you can take the Metro from the city center. The ride will only take around 10 minutes. 

Admission to the park is free. The museums, however, have entrance fees, although there are days when entrance is free. 

Check Out Bunker 42, Built During the Cold War

Sixty-five meters beneath the Taganka Square, you can join an underground tour of Bunker 42, which was built during the Soviet Era under the command of Stalin. Originally made to function as shelter for top Kremlin officials in case of a nuclear attack, the place is now a historical monument to remind people now of how it was during the Cold War. 

Visit Moscow’s Most Historical Places in the Red Square 

One of the most historic places in Moscow, the Red Square has already witnessed Russia’s changing societies since the late 15th century. In fact, the Red Square has always been the center of Russian life throughout the centuries. 

It is also home to famous architecture in Russia, such as the 16th century’s Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the State Historical Museum, and the mausoleum of Russia’s former revolutionary leader, Vladimir Lenin. 

Visit the Heart of Moscow through the Moscow Kremlin

Located on the west side of the Red Square in the Moscow Kremlin, also known simply as the Kremlin. Together, both sites symbolize Russia’s power throughout the centuries. During the Soviet Era, the Kremlin was the place of work of the life of the country’s governing elite. Now, it is still Russia’s center of politics and the official residence of the Russian Federation’s president. You can visit the Kremlin on any day of the week except Thursdays. 

More places in Moscow are worth visiting but are not part of the list. To learn more about other places in Russia that are worth visiting, check out MSM Unify’s article on 5 Must-See Travel Destinations in Russia.


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