BCU Launches New Specialist Programs for Social Workers, Social Care Professionals

BCU Launches New Specialist Programs for Social Workers Social Care Professionals

In collaboration with national charities, Birmingham City University (BCU) is launching new programs to help social workers and other social care professionals better support the country’s deafblind community members.

With this collaboration, a new series of specialty programs focused on enhancing care for those who have both hearing and vision loss is about to be launched.

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The university is launching a Certificate in Professional Studies (Deafblind Studies) in March, which will cover many facets of deafblindness and its influence on persons and the rights and needs of deafblind people.

In March 2023, a diploma in the same subject will begin, open to those who complete the certificate and build on the skills and information obtained during that course.

Both programs were created in collaboration with and sponsored by the Deafblind UK, a charity that promotes and advocates for persons with combined vision and hearing loss.

The programs were also developed with the cooperation of colleagues from Sense, Deafblind Scotland, Sense Scotland, Guide Dogs (Scotland), and the Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf Persons (now Signature), all of which support deafblind people.

BCUā€™s Certificate and Diploma programs have been designed to meet the regulatory obligations and duties imposed on local authorities in England and Wales concerning people with deafblindness. They include teaching materials prepared by people who have lived with the condition.

The new Certificate in Professional Studies (Deafblind Studies) will be offered online over 38 weeks through a series of virtual lectures, interactive learning materials, and examinations.

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