Careful planning is necessary before getting a student visa in New Zealand. You need ample time to plan your student journey before flying to the country. 

Applying for a student visa takes some time. It’s vital to accomplish other matters before moving to this stage.

The New Zealand government advises foreign students to do certain things before getting a student visa. Here are some of them:

Making Pre-Departure Arrangements

Your pre-departure checklist needs a slew of things to complete. This ranges from a study fund to certain clothes you must bring.

During this stage, you must also determine if you meet the eligibility requirements. This often includes:

Choosing a University in New Zealand

There are plenty of globally recognized universities in New Zealand. Each of them offers something unique to international students.

To help you find the right university, you can read our list of top universities in New Zealand. This can help you decide which one to apply for.

Finding the Right Course

If you haven’t quite made up your mind yet, you can browse through our programs here at MSM Unify. We offer great insights into what to expect in each course including fees and subjects.

Consider taking a program that’s aligned with your interest and skills. Make sure to also know which university offers the best value for that program.

Paying for Study Fees

International students often pay in full for their admission. Once you get into a university, you can pay a portion of or pay the full tuition.

Study fees vary per university. Don’t forget to inquire if you need to make payments immediately or wait for the start of the term.

Looking for a Student Accommodation

Securing a new place is difficult. It’s best to start looking at student accommodation options as soon as you get admission.

You need enough time to compare costs, location, amenities, and furnishing. In general, you can choose between off-campus or private and on-campus accommodation.

Once you find accommodation, you can contact a representative to secure your place. You may have to send a deposit to save your spot.

Getting Health Insurance

Having health insurance is a requirement to get a student visa. Make sure that your insurance package covers you for the duration of your stay.

Apart from this, you will also have to undergo a medical examination. This is important in getting your New Zealand student visa.

Preparing Student Visa Requirements

Note that there are various types of student visa in New Zealand. Each one is designed for a specific type and group of students.

Visit the official website of New Zealand to learn more about these visas. You can also check out our articles to know the visa application requirements and process.

There are various requirements you should accomplish before you can apply for a student visa. Flip through our resources here at MSM Unify to discover more about student visas in New Zealand.