London is the city where diversity and dynamism meet. It saw the best of European history and now pulses with unrivaled grandeur.

From historical landmarks to dazzling gardens, London has it all. With the city’s ravishing grace, it is indeed at the centerfold of the world. 

If you’re studying in London (or anywhere in Europe), you shouldn’t miss the chance to travel. London prides itself on a wide selection of dream destinations.

Want to make your London stay worthwhile? Here are some must-see places in London:

Kew Gardens

If you want to laze under the shade of fine plants, Kew Gardens is a perfect spot. This botanical garden is second to none in Europe, which you can see at a student discount.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most prominent buildings on the planet. Its unique history will draw you into its premises. The place used to be a palace for royals turned into an execution house in 900 years. 

Primrose Hill

Lounging in the wide fields of Primrose Hill is a fantastic way to relax. The best part is (apart from the breathtaking views) it’s totally free!

London Eye

The London Eye is the city’s most notable landmark. This is a colossal Ferris wheel that seems like an eye in the large expanse of the sky. At night, the London Eye dazzles people with its bright colors.

Hampstead Heath

The beauty of Hampstead Heath can heal your weary heart and soul. Named the largest park in London, this place is full of grass fields and ponds—perfect for an outdoor picnic.

Notting Hill

There’s nothing in Notting Hill that wouldn’t delight you. Rows of pastel-colored houses fill the streets, making it a fun sight to see. The famous movie Paddington was also shot here.

Leicester Square

Leicester Square is the epicenter of entertainment in London. Some of the biggest movie premiers took place here. If you want to visit a place where some of the biggest film stars have been, take a trip down Leicester Square.

Buckingham Palace

You can also tour around the famous Buckingham Palace which served as the residence of the Royal Family. Certain areas of the palace are open to tourists. You’ll also see the Changing of the Guards—a famous British tradition among the Royal Guards of the palace.

Baker Street

Does the name Baker Street ring a bell? This is the street where the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes lived. It’s a top destination for tourists where they can find the Sherlock Holmes museum.


Want to experience the best of London’s metropolitan lifestyle? Shoreditch is the best spot for fun casual trips, especially at night. This is a staple of London’s rich and diverse culture where the fun doesn’t end.

London offers some of the world’s most marvelous places. While studying in the city, don’t forget to take the time to explore and have fun.

There are plenty of must-see places in London to tour around. To learn more about life in London and the UK, read our blogs here at MSM Unify.