Munich is a wonderful place for international students. If you want to start studying in Munich, you can start by looking into this city.

Munich, the marvelous capital of Bavaria, is a timeless gem in the history of Germany. Hallmark of medieval architecture and the royal past. Apart from its ancient grip, Munich is a model for modern innovations. The city is known to manufacture precision instruments and tech machines involved in aerospace. 

Here’s an insight into what it’s like studying in Munich:

Why Study in Munich

Universities and colleges in Munich are acclaimed for their high standards in excellence. From expert educators to outstanding equipment, Munich universities are sure to deliver world-class education. 

Cutting-edge technology is a standard in most Munich universities. This stellar inclusion in teaching makes studying more meaningful for many international students.

Most schools in Munich offer special concentrations in specific areas of study. This includes Economics, Medicine, and Engineering. 

Munich’s rich culture and history also make it a great destination for international students. The mysterious beauty of old buildings and electrifying masterpieces are sights to look out for. 

Student Accommodations in Munich

On-site housing is generally among the more affordable options for accommodations. Rates are relatively low and it’s also much closer to the campus.

Long-term hotels are another option for international students. These places often come with separate rooms and kitchenettes, giving more freedom to move and prepare meals. However, long-term hotels are more expensive. But with that cost, you get to enjoy many utilities and amenities including internet and air conditioning.

If you prefer something more private, you can opt for a housing unit. The monthly rent varies from $356 to $712.

When choosing accommodation, consider your budget, but don’t compromise on your privacy and comfort.

Part-Time Work Opportunities

International students can find many opportunities to embark on part-time work. Working while studying can help you earn cash on the side to cover expenses.

Non-European students can work for 180 days in a school year. You can work during weekends or choose to work during summer break.

To apply for part-time work, just bring your CV and wait until you’re scheduled for an interview. As long as you balance study, working, and life, a part-time job can be a meaningful experience for you. 

Destinations to Visit

Munich is home to Germany’s largest authentic beer brewery, hence the inception of “Oktoberfest.” Aside from the famous festival, there are other places in Munich that students shouldn’t miss.

International students can see collections of German art at the Bavarian National Museum. For book lovers, the State Library or Ludwigskirche is a must-see.

You can also explore Propylaen, Munich’s magnificent gateway or take a stroll down Queen Mary’s Bridge.

For music enthusiasts, Munchener Freiheit in Schwabing is an excellent spot. You can also enjoy the nightlife in Optimolwerke and Kultfabrik.

Munich is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany that offers top-notch education to international students. To learn more about the specifics of the application process and more in-depth guides on studying in Munich, read more of our articles here at MSM Unify.