Getting an internship is one excellent way for international students who are seeking work opportunities that will boost their resume. It gives students the chance to have a prospective career in the future, and develop needed skills for work while earning extra money.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted internships to prevent contamination. The internship rate has dropped by 60% since March of 2020, according to a LinkedIn blog post. However, a lot of businesses are still accepting internship programs, only in a safer way—through virtual internships.

What is a virtual internship?

Since physical encounters are prohibited and not encouraged in these trying times, leading companies in the world have come up to combat these restrictions through technology. As the name suggests, virtual internships are programs held via digital space. This is designed for interns to interact with co-workers, attend meetings, and finish tasks in an online setup.

Virtual internships are convenient as interns only need to dress up for their online screen for meetings. Interns have the chance to talk to other employees and ask for feedback about their work.

Is it worth it? 

Did you know that virtual internships are not a brand new idea? It did not originate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This kind of internship has been conducted for a few years already, which gives big companies to hire and teach diverse talents all over the globe. These programs have been a wonderful opportunity for Australians to break into the global corporate world.

Probably the most popular industry for a virtual internship is the business sector. They maximize virtual programs to provide work opportunities for students. One fully established Australian branch in the online internship area is KPMG.

A lot of industries have now been incorporating such a setup for their use. Lawyers and marketers largely benefit from this as the majority of their content can be done through virtual meetings.

Where can I find a virtual internship in Australia? 

In Australia, plenty of online internships are not posted on a company’s website. Rather, they can be found in internship websites that are full of each businesses’ programs, which gives a more convenient and easily navigated space for prospective interns.

A great example of an internship website is Forage (formerly InsideSherpa) where you can find a lot of programs including the mentioned KPMG Virtual Internship Program. Forage is a rare website that is free of charge, unlike other American internship sites that require a membership fee for access.

The leading site in this area, Forage, is a highly recommended space for international students seeking to gain experience and practical knowledge in their careers.

If the internship website cannot give you what program you want, browse through the Australian Internships page. They have tons of virtual programs that can be available for you to apply for. Its virtual programs section filters through the programs which offers a much easier use. Track down your ideal internship placement and follow the website’s procedures to apply.

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