Once you get the opportunity to study abroad, the world becomes your home. You get to explore different cultures and languages, while also discovering new things about yourself.

Studying overseas can be too exciting. It’s easy to get lost in the spur of the moment and become overwhelmed with big changes.

While you’re adjusting to a new environment, getting a medical insurance package may end up as an afterthought. But that shouldn’t be the case.

A health insurance plan should be one of your top priorities before studying abroad. Here are some qualities of student-friendly health insurance to look for when choosing your health insurance package.


A good insurance plan should be affordable enough even for a low-income student. If you are on a tight budget, the wise choice is to look for an insurance plan with low monthly premiums. 

Many health insurance providers such as Aetna offer essential coverage at a very affordable cost. But you need to watch out if the insurance plans are available in all states and regions, as well as the amount of the monthly deductibles.

Accessibility and Convenience

The most convenient and most accessible health insurance plan for you is typically the ones offered by your institution.

Medical insurance packages offered by your school are often integrated into your tuition fees. You can also use the benefits of the insurance plans in health centers or clinics inside the campus.

To keep your coverage, your institution may require you to maintain your student status. Also, keep in mind that these plans are usually non-customizable, but at least you can use your financial assistance funds to pay for the premium.


You don’t want to be restricted by the policies of traditional insurance plans. If you’re studying abroad, you may want to choose a health insurance plan that has short-term coverage.

An insurance plan with short-term coverage would definitely cost less than a traditional health package. It’s perfect for you as an international student, as you’ll only need to be covered for the duration of your stay in a different country.

Insurance providers like Everest offer short-term insurance plans that can be customized based on your needs. You can even choose your own coverage maximum amount.

The only downside to a short-term health insurance plan is that you may be approved for one if you have a pre-existing medical condition that requires constant medical attention.

If you do have an ongoing medical concern, it might be better for you to subscribe to a traditional plan so you can receive immediate and proper medical care when needed. 

Variety of Insurance Plan Options

A student-friendly insurance plan should give different options to choose from. Providers such as Cigna offer different insurance policies that have different coverage and maximum limits.

An insurance provider should give you the liberty to choose which plan works best for you. Their list of coverage options should also be customizable based on your budget and needs as a student.

Choosing the best health insurance plan is a tough choice. Consider your medical needs and your budget and try to match them with the insurance plan’s coverage, premiums, and maximum coverage. 

Student-friendly health insurance is affordable, accessible, convenient, and offers customizable options with great coverage. Read our articles here at MSM Unify so you can make sound decisions when choosing a health insurance plan.