Philosophy is a test of mind and morals, from analyzing the existence of man to studying human behavior. Philosophy majors confront many political, social, and intellectual theories in their education. 

A Philosophy degree awards you with skills in rhetoric, reasoning, and persuasive writing. With these skills, you can get different jobs in various industries, particularly in law, education, and media.

We made a list of potential jobs for you where you can put your philosophy degree into practice. Read on to find out which role best fits your skills and knowledge:

Careers for Graduates With a Degree in Philosophy 


A journalist embarks on the investigation, collection, and presentation of facts through various media. Journalists commonly write news for a news outlet or publication, but they can also contribute content to magazines. 

It is the duty of a journalist to fairly and ethically gather information for the best interest of the masses. Journalism is a process of data verification that demands the critical thinking skills of a Philosophy major.


A paralegal works with a lawyer to assist in providing legal services. Paralegals have extensive knowledge in legal science, but they’re not licensed to practice law. 

Paralegals often work in law firms, for governments, or for corporations. Typical duties of a paralegal include legal research, negotiation, and document management. 


The role of a teacher is wide and often goes beyond what is asked in their job description. But generally, teachers are professionals who are qualified to educate.

Teachers create weekly or monthly lesson plans and are tasked to assess students’ performance for every grading period. Teachers must also encourage creative and critical thinking.


Philosophy majors can easily get into law school and earn a Juris Doctorate degree in three years. Attorneys deal with legal matters including representing a client in court and serving in their defense. 

Lawyers must demonstrate excellent debate skills, compelling writing, and analytical skills. Being a lawyer is a highly demanding job, but the wages are often lucrative. 

Mental Health Counselor 

A Mental Health Counselor is a professional who provides services to patients with psychological needs. They assess the mental well-being of clients and diagnose their conditions.

Mental Health Counselors also conduct group sessions and develop treatment plans for patients. Aside from the workplace skills, they must also possess a great deal of patience, empathy, and fairness. 

Business Professional 

Philosophy majors can also tap into the vast world of business. Their critical thinking skills make them great candidates for many business roles.

Business professionals include positions such as stockbrokers and corporate executives. They could also venture into financial services.

Having a Philosophy degree can open many opportunities for you in the job market. To find more programs in social sciences and other disciplines to study abroad, browse through our list of programs here at MSM Unify.