Paid internships are a great way for international students to gain work experience while learning about a different culture and language. They’re also a great way to earn extra money for your education.

Whatever area of study you’re concentrating on, there’s always an internship program out there that’s aligned with it. You just have to know where to look.

Here are some paid summer internships all over the world that you can apply for:

World Bank Summer Internship Program 2021

The World Bank Group offers a paid summer internship for students anywhere in the world.

You can apply for an internship in any of their departments including Human Resources, Accounting, Operations, and Marketing.

This paid internship usually lasts for 4 weeks. Aside from the pay, interns would also receive a travel allowance. Unlike other international internships, this program doesn’t require IELTS or TOEFL.

Business, E-commerce and Marketing Internship (China)

If you’re looking for an internship program in e-commerce or marketing, you can definitely land one in China. Big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are an international hub for fast-growing business industries, and big companies usually offer competitive wages to their interns.

Sports and Outdoor Education Internship International Camps Network (Germany)

If you prefer more physical activity in your internship then you should focus your search on Germany.

From survival camps and hiking to sports and outdoor education, Germany has a lot of spaces for interns. To apply for an internship, you can submit your information to the International Camps Network.

Hospitality Management (Spain)

Spain is home to many reputable companies serving in the hospitality industry.

Most paid internships in Spain last for one to two months and are often a great pathway to pursue full-time work post-graduation.

If you’re studying or will be studying under a hospitality management program, Spain is a great location to apply for internships and gain valuable skills and experience.

English Teaching Internship (Thailand)

Land a paid internship by applying as an English Teacher in Thailand.

Many young children in Thailand want to learn English at an early age. And many government and non-government organizations are willing to offer paid internships to fulfill this need.

If you have intermediate to advanced proficiency in the English language and are great with kids, consider becoming an English Teaching intern in Thailand.

Marketing, Information Technology, and Engineering Internship (London)

London is a center of progress and many job seekers in the world move to London for more career opportunities.

London’s marketing, IT, and engineering industry are recognized internationally. If you want to learn technical skills and grow professionally, try applying for an internship in London.

Paid internships are a great way to explore while earning your own money. Just make sure to check the company’s background, requirements and application process before sending in your CV.

A great internship experience can be a gateway toward full-time employment. Make sure to research before choosing where you plan to do your internship.

Getting valuable work experience is more fun when you get to travel while earning money on the side. Let MSM Unify articles be a part of your daily to-read list to learn more about internships abroad.