Australia takes pride in providing top-notch programs from world-renowned education providers, and so much more. Since Australia is a diverse and open country, you may notice a lot of differences between Australia and your home country. Here is a list of some insights on Aussie culture:

Australian culture

Living costs

Living costs mainly vary depending on different factors such as your lifestyle and location. Below is a guide on what to expect on your weekly living expenses as provided by the Australian Government:

Sydney and Melbourne are two of Australia’s biggest cities that have the highest living costs. Meanwhile, smaller cities such as Adelaide and Hobart are considered the cheapest.


A multicultural country itself, Australia is very welcoming toward migrants and international students. It is a diverse nation that celebrates many cultures from different nationalities and religions. The country is generally safe, but it is not free of crime just like many other countries. Certain precautions should be observed to avoid getting yourself in harm’s way:

A student hotline for international students who are concerned about their welfare is established by the Australian Government: 1300 363 079. If you need immediate assistance or if an emergency arises, contact Australia’s emergency hotline: 000.

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