The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all economies in the world. In fact, the projected GDP loss to the global economy was estimated to be around 4.5%. If you translate this into money, the estimated global GDP in 2019 was around $87.55 trillion, thus, a 4.5% loss amounts to around $3.94 trillion. 

Now, with the presence of COVID-19 vaccines, many economies in different countries are slowly returning to normal. Moreover, although a lot of industries have experienced a huge loss in 2020—especially the tourism and travel industry, and hospitality—some emerged victorious against the pandemic and have become even stronger. 

In Spain, many people have experienced how useful transferable skills are to adapt to the new normal that the pandemic has brought on to the world. In fact, many individuals who originally belong to one industry, such as real estate, have become coaches, AI specialists, and even social media specialists. 

If you are a student planning to study in Spain for a degree, or to undergo training for a vocation, here are some of the emerging industries that may help increase your chances of working in Spain after you graduate.  

Retail Sale 

Contrary to popular opinion, retail has not been fully replaced by digital markets and eCommerce. In fact, in 2020, big retail companies such as Carrefour and Leroy Merlin hired the most when it comes to retail sales positions, according to LinkedIn. In general, retail sales positions such as replenishers and cashiers have increased in Spain by 41%. 

Digital Content Specializations and Marketing 

Freelancers in digital content creation have also increased in 2020. In particular, the digital content-related sector has increased 63%. One of the reasons for this increase is the Spanish government’s policy to delay tax payments from the self-employed and freelancers. 

Healthcare Including Mental Health

Unsurprisingly, the demand for healthcare professionals, especially medical support staff, has increased. According to a LinkedIn report, the vacancy in positions such as healthcare assistant and laboratory assistant has increased to more than 60%. With the increasing amount of people reporting psychological problems because of COVID-19 restrictions, mental health professionals have also become in demand. The hiring of mental health professionals has increased 62% in 2020. 


Even before the pandemic, engineering has already been experiencing constant growth. However, in 2020, engineering positions increased a lot more to 63%. Some of the top companies like Microsoft and IBM lead as the top hiring companies for engineering positions, such as computer engineers, infrastructure engineers, and software engineers. 

Customer Service 

Restrictions due to the pandemic such as working from home, travel restrictions, lockdowns, and curfews have increased the need to do almost everything online. Thus, customer service positions have also experienced a huge growth. 

Coaching or Mentorship

Coaching or Mentorship

The COVID-19 pandemic has also pushed a lot of individuals to change careers. Mainly because their former professions have experienced huge setbacks due to the pandemic. Many of those individuals have found jobs as personal or professional mentors.  According to LinkedIn, the number of professional and personal mentors increased 78% in 2020. 

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