Nowadays, a lot of students are taking the opportunity to study in a place far from their homes. Their enthusiasm is filled with obtaining a degree, and other fun things like exploring the country’s culture. They get to live independently and learn about the ways of life.

Switzerland, which is a small yet progressive country in Europe, would make a great study and living destination for you. Aside from studying, you can enjoy its food and culture. Being a country known for its high living cost, it can be overwhelming to manage schoolwork with finances.

Luckily, some Swiss universities provide tuition-free education along with living allowance even to international students. Here are some ways you can study in Switzerland for free:

Craft an Impressive Application

Once you decide to pursue international study in Switzerland, the next step is to secure your chances of studying there for free. Admissions officers first screen your academic credentials in your application, manifesting what you would contribute to the school. So, make sure that you are performing well in your current institution. Maintain your high grades by studying hard. Also, participate in school clubs and organizations for extracurriculars, and network well with professors to have an excellent letter of recommendation.

Ensure that you stay on track with application deadlines if you want to apply to many schools. Prepare your applications ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stress.

Be organized to keep track of your progress. Avoid submitting your applications late. This will not make a good impression on your prospective school.

Apply for Swiss scholarships

As said, it may be tough to study in Switzerland due to its expensive cost of living. So, one thing that you can do is look for scholarships and grants that are available for you. Look for financial aid on the school’s websites, may it be merit-based or based on one’s financial need.

Applying to multiple scholarships boosts your chances of getting one. Some applications can be rigorous but you need to hope that you’ll get accepted. Think of competing for a slot against thousands of students that are the best of their classes. This is why applying to many scholarships is just reasonable. 

Apply to affordable Swiss universities

If you can’t make your study free, then choose the easier option, which is to enroll in an inexpensive Swiss school. Switzerland has a reputation for its top-notch education making it a favorite study destination for international students. The good thing is that Switzerland has schools that are both pocket-friendly and academically excellent. 

Public universities are affordable because they are funded by the government. The tuition cost of bachelor’s and master’s programs ranges from EUR 400 to EUR 3,700 annually. Meanwhile, Ph.D. programs are much cheaper at EUR 100 to EUR 900 per year.

Just like in scholarships, it won’t bite to apply to several schools. But also check if the university matches your interest, a school that will inspire you to learn.

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