How to Get an Internship in Australia

Internships are designed for you to gain experience and expand your knowledge in your field of interest. It broadens what you have learned in class, introduces you to a network of future employers, and discovers the possibilities of your career after graduating. If you want to gain some work experience through internships in Australia, here are some advice you can take note of to secure yourself a slot:

Be prepared for volunteer work

In most cases, internships are unpaid. But that does not mean that the work is without rewards. An internship is considered a work experience. Potential employers appreciate that you have the initiative to gain more experience in the industry. Sometimes, if employers are impressed by your work, they will give you the opportunity to work with them after you graduate, or offer you a paid role instead of an unpaid one. Understand that while it is important to earn money, for now, it is also important to acquire enough knowledge and skills for future roles.

Look for opportunities at your institution

Your institution can help you look for an internship position. Try working in your university; inquire if they accept internship applications. Another way to get an internship is through word of mouth. Approach your professor or representative if they know an organization that is looking for interns. One other way is to visit the careers service to learn more about such opportunities.

Contact organizations

Organizations are a great source of internships. If you are interested in working for a certain organization, check their website if they offer internship slots. Search for available roles that may be posted on their social media pages. You can also contact them directly by sending an email inquiring about internship opportunities. Express your interest that you are willing to be an intern for their organization.

Prepare for interview

Since an internship’s application process is similar to a normal job application, make sure to update your resumé and prepare for interviews. Take your time to impress the employer with a cover letter for each position you are applying for. Share past experiences, what you’ve learned, strengths and interests, and future goals. Discuss why you would like to be an intern for that organization.

Be sure that your resumé is updated with recent achievements. Ready a portfolio or examples of your best work as other organizations may ask for it to see your capabilities.

Nail your interview to improve your chances of being accepted. Do your research about the industry and the organization. Also, come with questions. It won’t hurt to ask a few.

Lastly, verify if your contact details are correct and check for any errors in your application. Make your parents, teacher or counselor review your application before you submit it.

Aside from internships, Australia is an excellent place for quality education and living. The country is home to top-notch universities and a melting pot of diverse cultures. Discover more about Aussie life by browsing through our other articles here at MSM Unify.