Taking a Master of Education or M.Ed. can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. In this blog, we’ll help you get a grasp of what it’s like to study in Australia. 

If you want to earn your M.Ed. in Australia, here are a couple of things you need to know:

Why Australia?

In Australia, 31% of the employment population is in Education. The Australian Labor Department also reported that post-secondary teaching positions will increase to 15% by 2022.

Aside from the globally recognized education in Australia, you can also be sure to immediately land a job once you earned your M.Ed.

Admission Process and Requirements

There are different ways to apply to an Australian university. You can request and submit forms through their online portal, or have the forms printed for a physical copy.

You can also apply through an education agent in Australia. The Australian government recognizes the importance of education agents and they can assist you in your application. 

To be eligible to apply for an M.Ed. in Australia, you must have a three-year bachelor’s degree. This degree must be equivalent to the bachelor’s degree of the Australian university you’ll apply for. 

You must have at least 16 years of formal education, a 3.0 GPA, and a passing score on the GRE test. 

You must also prepare and submit the following requirements to apply:

Average Annual Tuition and Other Costs

Another thing to consider in taking your M.Ed. is the annual tuition fee. Australian universities require foreign students to pay in full up-front. Tuition usually covers school services fees such as facilities, laboratories, and the university library. 

The table below shows the average annual tuition fee for an M.Ed. in some popular Australian universities:

UniversityAverage Annual Tuition in AUD
University of Sydney$37,300
Queensland University of Technology $27,880
University of Canberra$26,570
University of Wollongong$21,950
University of Southern Queensland$21,630
La Trobe University$31,700

As an international student, you must also prepare for various costs associated with the admission process. For application fees, you need to prepare around $100–150. 

You must also take an English proficiency test or IELTS, which costs $329–$368. 

To process your visa to enter Australia, you need a budget of around $575 for the fees. This is the only English test accepted by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia.

Career Prospects in Australia

You can tap into various fields other than education with an M.Ed. Australia offers many opportunities for international graduates after graduation.

A primary school teacher in Australia earns about AUD 69,000 per annum. You can earn up to AUD 102,000 per year as a Training and development manager. 

You can also take on different job roles including Secondary school teacher, training professional, and Education advisor and reviewer.

Taking your Master of Education in Australia can open great career opportunities. Browse our programs here on MSM to learn more about Master degree programs abroad.