International Student in the US

The United States is a top study destination for international students. However, it is common knowledge that the steep cost of higher education in the US leaves students struggling to financially support themselves.

Despite that, did you know that there are several avenues that you can explore as additional fund sources for your education? You can now have your dreams realized with dedication and some financial assistance. Here’s a run-through of those that you can consider!

From Your Homeland

If you are an outstanding student possessing great potential and skills, your home country may be willing to support you in your endeavor as an international student in the US. If you look at it, it would be a win-win situation since you can apply your newly acquired skills and competencies when you go back to your home country.

To know about what government-funded programs are available, you can go to the education department of your home country and your US embassy or consulate.

From the US government

While most foreign citizens are not eligible for government student support, there may be other sources of funding. If you are applying for an international student visa, you may be eligible for US government-funded programs such as Fulbright and EducationUSA.

From International Organizations

There is a long list of organizations that grant aid to students all over the world. This includes the United Nations, AMIDEAST, World Council of Churches, Soros Foundation, and World Health Organization. It is advised that you plan ahead because these organizations often require you to be in your homeland when you join their competitive application.

From US Universities and Colleges

These educational institutions are open to supporting international students by posting financial aid information and updates on their respective websites. You can also go to your Admissions Office or International Student Services Office, or the Financial Aid Office. It is where you can know more about budgeting, your education cost, and other financial assistance that you can apply for.

Through Private Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships

In addition to international organizations that provide financial aid to students who are studying abroad, many more organizations have created scholarship opportunities worldwide. Although these grants may be competitive, you should maximize your time and effort by submitting as many applications as you can to increase the likelihood of getting the support. 

From Your Family

Nearly 65% of all international students in the US were funded by their family and relatives, with college and university coming in second, a study by the Institute of National Education showed. Your family may be another source of funding that you can consider.

Through International Student Loans

International students are eligible for private international loans where you will be asked to meet specific requirements such as attending an approved school and having a consigner in most cases. 

In case you decide to apply for a loan, it is recommended that you only borrow what you truly need to cover the costs of your education and living in the US. This is to make sure that you are not incurring too much debt.

There are several avenues to get financial assistance in the US. Flip through some of our articles here at MSM Unify to get more insights on what to expect as an international student in the US.