How to Get Financial Assistance as an International Student in the UK

The United Kingdom is a top destination for international students because of its excellent offerings: some of the best universities in the world and strong employment prospects in the future.

These qualities spark an interest in students worldwide who wish to broaden their opportunities. However, there are things to consider first such as paying for living expenses. In such cases, the majority of the students will need financial aid or scholarships in order to make things work.

If you are an international student looking for a source of funding to be able to study in the UK, this is the right guide for you! We have provided a quick summary of some of the main routes you can take to get started:

From Scholarships

Scholarships are one of the main sources of funding for international students, but they are seriously competitive and often have very stringent eligibility criteria. It really takes courage and dedication for you to be able to land a good scholarship or grant.

Here are some of the reliable and comprehensive sites where you can check scholarship offers: 

It’s worth contacting your local British Council office to find out more about scholarships for students in your country.

Exchange Programs

An exchange program can be considered as a more affordable way of studying in the UK, where you will be enrolling as a university student in your home country and studying in the UK for a semester or all year long.

Before you apply, you can check the universities in your country to see whether they have any partnerships with educational institutions in the UK.

International Student Loans

Other options for education loans can be considered since you will not be eligible for a loan from the UK government like home or EU students. If you want to study at a university abroad full-time, you can apply for a Foreign Enrolled Loan instead.

You must remember that individual countries may have varying schemes in place for this, so research further on student loans from your home country.

From Banks

You can also check the banks from your home country whether they provide loans for international students who are in need of financial support for their study and living expenses.

Commercial banks that offer such loans for students often charge lower interest rates compared to other types of customers and their terms are more flexible. This can be an option that is worth considering for you.

From Private Companies

Many private companies out there are offering financial assistance for students who wish to study in the UK under an agreement that you work for them after your graduation.

This can be a win-win situation if there are huge companies that are keen to employ graduates of your subject.

From Family or Relatives

Studies have shown that 65% of international students are receiving financial support mostly from their family members. So if you think that there is a chance your parents or extended family might be able to extend support for your UK education, this is something that is worth discussing.

The U.K has different options for financial aid to international students. We have plenty of articles here at MSM Unify to help you with your sources of school funds, so make sure to check them out!