Becoming a doctor is a noble pursuit but it’s also a challenging one. It is a lifelong journey dedicated to saving lives from potential peril.

Extensive education is required for prospective doctors to practice medicine. But before you can get into your dream medical school, you first need to choose a pre-med major.

Your pre-med major could define the medical track you’ll take as a doctor. It’s important to take the time to research and assess yourself before selecting a pre-med major.

Pre-Med Major Options

Here are some pre-med major options to choose from:

Biological Sciences 

Biological Sciences are a popular choice among all the pre-med major options. The Association of American Medical Colleges or AAMC reported that more than half of medical school applicants majored in biological sciences. 

Universities typically offer different pre-med majors related to biological sciences. This includes biotechnology, microbiology, physiology, and neuroscience.

Physical Science

Physical sciences involve studies related to the laws of nature, specifically in non-living organisms. According to the Princeton Review, physical sciences are one of the five most popular majors in med school.

Similar to biological sciences, you can also apply for other pre-med majors that are related to physical sciences. This includes chemistry and physics.


Sociology is the study of social behavior and relationships. Choosing sociology as your pre-med major gives you a perspective on social structures and relationship patterns.

If you’re intrigued by the dynamics of sex and gender, social classes, ethnicity, culture, and communities, consider selecting sociology as your major. Just a heads up that the MCAT or Medical College Admission Test only tests sociological concepts discussed in introductory courses.

What Pre-Med Major Should You Choose

A Major That Interests You

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t pick a major that doesn’t fulfill you. When choosing a pre-med major, consider the subjects that interest and intrigue you.

Many prospective medical students make the mistake of choosing a “practical” major over something they truly like. Remember that you’ll spend many years completing your pre-med major. You don’t want to get stuck in a personally unsatisfying choice.

A Major That Highlights Your Strengths

Choose a pre-med major where you know you’ll thrive. Choosing a major that isn’t aligned with your skills is great for going out of your comfort zone but at what cost?

Don’t subject yourself to exhausting, long hours of studying to compensate for the skills you lack in a major. Your strengths are your advantage, so leverage them wisely.

A Major That Leads to More Opportunities

In some universities, only certain pre-med majors have access to specific medical equipment and laboratories. These facilitates can be advantageous in your learning journey.

There are also scholarships that are awarded exclusively to students taking a certain pre-med major. Make sure to choose a pre-med major that opens countless opportunities.

It’s necessary to choose a pre-med course that leads to a wonderful pursuit of becoming a doctor. If you have dreams of working in the medical field, check our programs here at MSM Unify.