The United Arab Emirates has one of the world’s most rigid rules when it comes to clothing. While the laws are far stricter for women, men must also follow certain rules specific to them.

Appropriate clothing pieces vary depending on which Emirate you’ll be studying in. For example, in Dubai, it’s typical for women to wear abayas. But there are also regions where shorts and body-hugging dresses are acceptable.

If you’re planning to study in the UAE, here’s a quick guide on clothing pieces you must pack:

Practical Daily Clothing

There are some cities in the UAE such as Dubai that allow more cosmopolitan fashion. Dubai is more tolerant to other cultures, which makes people there more open to fashion.

Despite this, you must remember that the UAE is a Muslim country. As a foreigner, it’s best to wear more modest clothing when going out.

Bring a couple of loose shorts that go below the knee for the summer. To visit malls, pack some jeans and some t-shirts.

Women should bring leggings so they can wear mini skirts without exposing their legs. They can also take a couple of dresses that should be long enough to cover the knees.

Men can wear a pair of jeans as long as they’re not tight. T-shirts must also be thick and big enough to hide the tummy area.

Swimwear for Beach Trips

In Dubai, most private resorts allow foreigners to wear whatever they want. This can be an Islamic swimsuit or a bikini.

If you plan to visit public beaches, make sure to bring more conservative swimwear. You can bring sport suits or one-piece swimsuits. 

Men must avoid wearing swim shorts that are white. But generally, they can wear any type of beachwear they want.

Remember to be more mindful of your clothes when you’re at the beach. When wet, they cling to your body. Make sure to pack up thick beach towels and scarves.

Clothes for Visiting Museums 

If you only have sleeveless tops and mini skirts in your luggage, don’t even think about museum trips at all. These pieces are inappropriate and will get you unwanted attention.

A long dress is a wonderful choice. But during hot seasons, you can wear a knee-length sundress. A pair of jeans and a simple shirt is a safe option too.

You can also buy a Salwar Kameez for your trip. This clothing piece is a pair of loose pants under a long dress.

A pair of closed shoes or sandals will do for museum trips. If the heat is extreme, you can bring flip flops instead.

Men can wear anything they want, even shorts. But they can also buy a Kurta Pajama. 

To study in the UAE, you need certain clothes to follow the law and protect yourself from the heat. Look through more of our articles here at MSM Unify to learn more about life in the UAE.