New Zealand is known to provide students with unique opportunities depending on their program of choice. In the field of digital design, students can venture into animation, visual effects, and game design.

Foreign students have the chance to connect with industry leaders such as the renowned makers of Lord of the Rings. There’s also the chance to showcase their works in galleries or museums.

The digital design industry in New Zealand is steadily growing. With the right skills and knowledge, you can find wonderful careers related to digital design.

Here are some job roles you can apply for with a Digital Design degree:


Animation is a medium of entertainment dedicated to producing motion through the manipulation of still images. This usually takes a long time to process, ranging from months to even years.

Animation is popular among younger audiences, but it’s also a crucial artform today. Animation is used in everything—from short advertisements to TV shows and films.

With a Digital Design degree, students can apply as animators in film production companies. They can also embark on a freelance profession to build their portfolio.

Application Designer

Apps just make lives better and more convenient. Whatever type of service is out there, there will always be an equivalent app for it.

From mobile banking to e-commerce, apps are beneficial for daily life. They’re also highly useful for providing entertainment.

As an application designer, you can perform various tasks including program testing and repair. This job also enhances both your creativity and problem-solving skills.

Visual Effects Artist

The most imaginative movies out here today wouldn’t be complete without visual effects. This practice involves the manipulation of design using computers to produce an illusion on screen.

Just like any facets of digital design, visual effects are also highly demanded in various industries. These include marketing, production, and game development.

Visual effects artists have a strong skill set composed of both soft and technical skills. To be successful in this field, you must be aware of various computer programs and tools.

Game Artist

Producing games requires constant generation of ideas. It also builds on new concepts to make an interesting storyline for the game.

Designing games go beyond just thinking of new game ideas. A game artist must understand how movement renders on the computer. They must also gauge the interests of their target market.

A game artist usually works alongside game developers and graphic designers. You can find job positions in game development companies. 

Apart from all the career options above, you can generally apply for any industry that needs digital design skills. For example, you can be hired in a marketing department to produce promotional materials.

You can also venture into your own business and become self-employed in New Zealand. Just make sure to follow all the requirements and standards.

A degree in Digital Design unlocks many opportunities in New Zealand. Read other articles here at MSM Unify to learn more about careers for Digital Design degree-holders.