We now live in the Digital Age, where our lives are integrated online. From communication to transportation, education, and medicine, technology is now necessary to our daily lives.

With the immense growth in the tech and digital industry, Digital Media majors can find valuable work opportunities.

Here are some options for international students majoring in Digital Media:

Graphic Designer

The impact that graphic designers have on the online space is tremendous. Almost everything that constitutes a visual element has been created by a graphic designer.

Graphic design is both a business and art where creative skills are often combined with specialized software. Other computer-based tools are also needed to produce striking graphics.

Every industry today needs a graphic designer to establish its creative assets. These include their company logo, typography, and signature color scheme. 

Web App Developer

With the prevalence of smartphones today, the industry of app development is booming. Applications serve various functions that make daily life more convenient and more comfortable.

Web app developers deal with computer glitches, debugging, and other web management tasks. They must have knowledge in computer technology, information security, and software design.

Broadcast Journalist

Broadcast Journalism deals with the investigation and presentation of news for public knowledge. It involves researching information on state affairs and global issues.

Broadcast journalists can take various roles including editor, producer, and presenter.

Social Media Manager

The ubiquity of social media platforms makes it one of the most effective avenues for advertising. In recent years, social media has transformed from a medium of entertainment to a platform of social change.

The power of social media is immense and its impacts are embedded deep into the cultural lifestyle today. In a way, social media management is about the utilization and optimization of this power towards a common goal.

Social media managers must use consumer behavior data to plan, organize, and launch campaigns. Their roles also extend to public relations, digital marketing, and brand analysis.


Animation is a form of storytelling that aims to convey messages to the viewers. As an occupation, it requires the conceptualization of interesting and creative ideas. But apart from that, mastery of common computer animation tools is also needed.

Animators connect stills images or frames together to produce a motion or animation. These animations are used in advertisements, television, and film. Freelancing is common for animators but there are also work opportunities in film production companies.

Video Editor

Video editors cut, edit, and manipulate raw footage to produce video files for film or advertisement. In some cases, they’re also responsible for the script, visual effects, and music scoring.

Video editing requires knowledge of video editing software and equipment. They must also be well-versed in filmmaking, scriptwriting, and audio production. 

Video editors can establish a career as freelancers or join a production company.

International students majoring in digital media could definitely land many in-demand jobs after graduation. Look through our stories here at MSM Unify to learn more about careers in digital media.