The romantic beauty of France is enough to draw in thousands of students each year. The picturesque skyline against white cotton clouds is always an extraordinary view from sunrise to sundown. 

Beyond its exquisite features, France is a global frontrunner in education. The rich culture and high standards of life make it one of the best study destinations in Europe.

After spending a long time in university, students deserve a splendid summer break to prevent academic burnout. After all, studying overseas is not complete without a little bit of fun.

Here’s a short guide on how you can spend summer in France to make your stay worthwhile:

Take a Tour Around Paris 

Dubbed as the most romantic city in the world, Paris is a favorite destination for those seeking a chance to fall in love with the dazzling charms of France.

Paris is the heart of art, fashion, and culture in France. And each day, it pulses with the glitz and glam of alluring boulevards and timeless landmarks.

Paris is a promising experience as long as you don’t set your expectations too high. Don’t fall into the trap of misleading projections in movies and books—like other cities, Paris is far from perfect.

But it’s the flawed yet authentic human experience that makes Paris a memorable spot. While its avenues are lined with high-end boutiques, there are also laid-back stores that humble its streets.

The city is also a great spot for afternoon picnics or fine dining. To wrap up your visit, you can hit up the Louvre or take a snapshot with the Eiffel tower. 

Nightlife in Paris is also second to none. The venues are always filled with vibrant energy mixed with Paris’ signature class and sophistication. 

Experience Skiing in the French Alps

Yes, you can go skiing in the summer! The French Alps is open all year round so you can go skiing to your heart’s content even in summertime.

You can make your summer in France a bit cooler by skiing on some of the highest mountains in Europe. France is home to many famous ski resorts and Alpine villages where skiing is part of daily life. 

The only downside to summertime skiing is that the French Alps are only open in the morning. So you need to take note of the glaring heat on the glaciers.

Aside from the physical workout, skiing also gives you a majestic view of the mountains. You can enjoy the slopes blanketed in chalk-white snow while you’re having fun with your friends.

Take a Trip to Normandy

If you have a heart for history, then Normandy is the best place to go. This region in France is a jewel on its own, carrying pieces of history into modern-day life.

In Normandy, you can visit places affected by the German occupation. You can stroll around the D-Day landing beaches and go museum-hopping in memorial sites. 

Aside from its medieval architecture, Normandy also boasts beach resorts and fish villages. They also have incredible gothic castles and churches that make it an attractive spot for many tourists. 

France is a global frontrunner in education and is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you want to seize the opportunity to explore its beauty, read our stories at MSM Unify to make your summer in France worthwhile.