Other than traditional on-campus admission, enrolling in an online MBA program is also a great option to pursue your MBA in the United States. However, these programs are still a bit expensive under some universities and colleges.

If you’re looking for an affordable online MBA program in the US, we have curated lists for programs with annual tuition under $10,000 and online programs with a low out-of-state tuition per credit.

Online MBA Programs with Annual Tuition Under $10,000

An online MBA program is a popular track for prospective MBA students due to its versatility. It is also generally cheaper than traditional on-campus classes while accessing almost the same coursework and classes.

Here’s a look at some affordable accredited online MBA programs in the US:

Texas A&M University – $5.700 / Year

The online MBA program at Texas A&M University does not require a GRE or GMAT for the 2021 term. Instead, applicants will be evaluated based on their undergraduate qualifications. Their program’s completion time is also relatively short, spanning only 12 months.

University of Nevada, Reno – $5,930 / Year

To be eligible to apply for an online MBA program at the University of Nevada, Reno, an application must have two to five years of professional work experience. Their online education program can be completed in two years.

Missouri State University – $6,250 / Year

Topics such as fundamentals of economics, administrative operations, and statistics that are taught in a traditional class setting, are also discussed in online MBA programs at Missouri State University. These programs are tailored to working professionals.

Arkansas State University – $6,422 / Year

Arkansas State University offers online MBA programs that combine quality with affordability. This university is one of the top national schools and top public schools in the US.

Georgia Southern University  – $7,070 / Year

Students who will take an online MBA program at Georgia Southern University don’t need to physically visit the campus except for the two-day orientation. Their internationally accredited programs can be completed in 21 months.

Texas Tech University – $8,180 / Year

Online MBA programs at the Texas Tech university cover topics like global management and managerial accounting. Their programs are completely online and applicants have a choice between a part-time or full-time completion.

University of Mississippi – $8,830 / Year

The two-year online MBA programs at the University of Mississippi include courses on entrepreneurship, communication, and leadership. Their programs rank number 6 out of 1,200 of the best online MBA programs in the US.

Affordable Online MBA Programs (Based on out-of-state tuition per credit)

Out-of-state tuition is an amount that students outside of the state (international students included) have to pay to attend a public state university. Here are more affordable online MBA programs for you to consider:

Northeastern State University  – $251 / Credit

Northeastern State University offers a part-time online MBA program to aspiring students. Their three-year graduation rate from 2019–2020 was 53%.

Sam Houston State University – $320 / Credit

Busy working professionals can take a part-time online MBA program at Sam Houston State University for just a little over $300 per credit. 

Oklahoma State University – $360 / Credit

The graduation rate for 2019 to 2020 at Oklahoma State University was a high 71%. Their part-time online MBA programs are available for only $360 per credit.

Online MBA programs are a great alternative to traditional on-campus lectures due to their affordability and versatility. Be sure to check out some of our stories at MSM Unify to get more insights about the best online MBA programs in the US.