For international students in Russia, committing to a student accommodation is a crucial decision. Oftentimes students find themselves constantly moving from one place to the next, just to land the perfect place.

Russian education is an excellent experience but it can be even better with great accommodation. If you’re planning to study in Russia, you need to be guided with student lodging options and their respective costs.

There are two major types of student accommodations in Russia: University Dormitory and Apartments. Each accommodation is tailored to specific student lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Need help making the right choice? Here’s a short guide to student accommodations in Russia.

On-Campus Accommodation: University Dormitory

Just like anywhere else in the world, university dormitories are the most affordable accommodation in Russia. In addition, they pose an advantage of being within close proximity to the university campus.

It’s more typical for university dorms to be shared accommodation. One dorm is normally occupied by two to four people. So, if you opt for a university dorm, expect to have roommates during your stay.

There’s one extremely important thing you have to remember when looking for a dorm: Only a university representative can secure you a place. If other agents claim that they can find you a spot, they are most likely lying.

Cost of University Dormitories

There are a couple of things that influence the monthly rent in a dormitory: location, maintenance, utilities, and facilities. Considering those factors, you might need to spend around 500 to 5,000 roubles every month.

Most universities accept payments on a monthly basis. Other universities may be more generous and offer you a discount when you pay in advance.

Depending on your university’s terms, your dorm may be equipped with a kitchen, laundromats, gym, and other communal areas. 

Off-Campus Accommodation: Apartments

Renting an apartment is a popular option for student lodging in Russia. Naturally, this is more expensive compared to on-campus accommodation. However, it offers other advantages such as more privacy, comfort, and independence.

You can also prefer to stay with a host family in Russia. Most universities assist their students in finding a great host family. Alternatively, you can ask realtors or search websites to find a great apartment.

Before choosing a place, consider factors like the distance of the apartment from your school, its size, and potential roommates. 

Cost of Apartments

In major cities like St Petersburg and Moscow, most flats cost 30,000 to 50,000 roubles per month. But if you’re studying in a much smaller city, the cost of rent is half cheaper.

Other things to consider are facilities and services. You may find an apartment that offers WiFi connection for free. If not, you would have to shoulder your own internet bills.

International students can choose between university accommodation and apartments when studying in Russia. If you’re set to study in Russia, browse through our stories here at MSM Unify to learn more about Russian life, culture, and accommodations.