The quest for education in Germany starts with landing an accommodation space. You can choose between on-campus lodging and a private flat. 

Renting an apartment is great for students with a certain kind of lifestyle. Those who seek independence and privacy can rent an apartment in Germany.

However, apartment renting is tough, especially without the right information. We’ve compiled certain factors that you must look into when looking for an apartment.

If you’re ready to stay in Germany, here’s a guide to renting an apartment in the country:

Cost of Renting an Apartment

Monthly rent varies depending on the flat’s location and size. Those in the suburbs are cheaper than those in the city center.

Costs are also computed per square meter. The larger the flat, the higher the rent.

On average, the cost of an apartment is €7.04 per square meter. It can go up to €10.86 per square meter if you’re in a major district.

In general, apartments in Germany are affordable. You can expect to pay around €700 for a single-bedroom flat. 

Finding an Apartment

Word of mouth is often undermined when looking for an apartment but it truly helps you. Former tenants can help you connect with a landlord if they’re leaving the place.

You can also visit online property websites for listings. There are also portals such as Immobilo and Mr. Lodge for available apartments. Note that most of these portals are in German.

If you want to land an apartment fast and easily, you can connect with a real estate agent. The only downside is that you need to pay certain fees.

When looking for an apartment, make sure you’re looking at authorized sites. Also, don’t forget to check listing descriptions and compare options. 

Requirements to Rent an Apartment

Did you know that you need to present documents to rent an apartment in Germany? It won’t be enough to send a large deposit and sign a contract. Prepare the following documents when renting an apartment:

The bank statements are vital to prove that you are able to pay your rent. Alternatively, you can submit a salary slip from your employer.

Credit history is also required. However, if you have not lived in Germany before, you wouldn’t have a credit record.

Your credit history starts once you use a bank account in Germany. Tell the landlord that you don’t have a credit history yet. They’ll usually accept bank statements instead.

Lease Agreement With a Landlord

A lease agreement or contract includes you and your landlord’s obligations. These duties must be performed, otherwise, it will terminate the contract.

Contract obligations typically include:

Renting an apartment in Germany is a great lodging option, but you need to remember important things before you get one. Browse our stories to learn more apartment renting tips here at MSM Unify.