College and Universities in US

In a time where nothing is completely free, getting into a college that offers free education is a blessing. Of course, you have to know that with great student benefits comes a high standard and very competitive process.

To leave you with no worries, the US News & World Report has listed their best tuition-free college rankings. Check out these colleges as we provide an overview from each of them:

Alice Lloyd College (KY)

Founded in 1923, Alice Lloyd College is a small school in Kentucky that provides free tuition to students within the Central Appalachian service area. This is being offered to students in 108 counties in the Appalachian region which includes Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The Apprentice School (VA)

The Apprentice School is a trade school and what sets it apart from the other colleges is that they award apprenticeship certificates instead of college degrees. Along with education, they give students the chance to work full-time in different shipbuilding trades. With this, they earn $17.34 per hour in their first term and up to $29.73 per hour in the final term.

Barclay College (KS)

A private Christian college located in Kansas, Barclay College also allows students to learn at no cost. If you live on campus, you are entitled to the full-tuition scholarship. Meanwhile, off-campus students receive a $7,000 worth of scholarship per year.

Berea College (KY)

Located in Kentucky, Berea College allows every student to receive a Tuition Promise Scholarship amounting to more than $176,000 over four years. Students are also given work in which they can earn $5.60 to $8.75 hourly.

City College of San Francisco

The free tuition and financial aid grants from this school are given to San Francisco residents. The City College offers two-year degrees and certificates. The Free City program covers the enrollment expenses, excluding health and student activities fees.

College of the Ozarks (MO)

College of the Ozarks students who attend full-time are qualified for the no tuition benefit, while part-time students pay $310 per credit hour. For full-time students, they need to work 15 hours per week, and two 40 hours weekly during the school break. To determine a student’s financial need, they ask for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as an admissions requirement.

Curtis Institute of Music (PA)

A Philadelphian arts school, the Curtis Institute of Music accepts students through auditions. Once accepted, students are offered free education, but not yet including annual fees. All students need to pay $1,750 for the comprehensive fee, along with other services and insurance expenses.

Deep Springs College (CA)

Deep Springs College, which is located in California, does not require its students to pay any tuition. But they are expected to pay for damage deposit and other pertinent expenses like travel, books, health insurance, and miscellaneous fees. The College provides a two-year liberal arts degree while doing work on the campus’ alfalfa farm and cattle ranch. What’s best about this college is that they also provide room and board for students.

We hope that we have helped you with these cost-free study options.

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