It may not be the first country that comes to mind in terms of studying abroad, but in recent years, Germany has gained a positive impression and is becoming one of the top destinations for higher international study.

Germany placed fourth as the world’s most popular destination for international students. It remains to be an attractive place for study alongside its university degrees, which are recognized worldwide.

Thanks to Germany’s world-renowned education system, forward-thinking people, safe environment, and top-notch economy, the country demands consideration to be included in your study destination list. Here are five reasons why:

German universities have a variety of specializations

Studying in the country is ideal for students who are interested in courses like medicine, engineering, architecture, and business. Germany’s top-performing universities provide world-class programs that are best for students who like to mix business with pleasure.

There is a wide variety of interdisciplinary and international programs awaiting you in Germany.

German education is incredibly cheap, sometimes free

Do you want to attend a foreign university without paying anything? Say no more.

Courses in some German universities are free of charge—at the very least inexpensive. The government has abolished tuition fees for all domestic and all international students in 2014. However, students may still be responsible for small miscellaneous fees, which still is considerably lower compared to education in other countries.

This is a great factor as to why international students choose Germany as their final choice for study. 

Germany is home to excellent universities

Higher education institutions in Germany offer excellent instruction and research that rank among the world’s best. You are sure to cross a successful career path upon being granted a world-class degree.

Five of the best education providers in Germany are the following:

Providing impressive study programs, these universities will surely equip you with the knowledge and skills to deal with future work. Such universities of applied sciences focus on practice-oriented learning while general universities combine theory and practice.

German living is affordable

As a whole, Germany remains an affordable nation with a low cost of living compared to other study destinations abroad. Some of the most affordable cities to live in Germany are Berlin, Bonn, Dresden, and Leipzig.

However, living expenses can be quite high in some cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, and Frankfurt, but it is relatively much lower than in the US or the UK.

Germany is a fun, safe, and diverse country

You can discover and explore the beauty of Germany through activities like museum-hopping, watching in a cinema or theater, enjoying views in a lake or park, climbing a mountain, swimming on a beach, or even visiting an old castle. During a break, you can go to the country’s top tourist sites such as the Neuschwanstein, Cologne Cathedral, Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, and many more.

Also, touring around the country is incredibly safe—Germany is a much safer country than many others. You can roam around cities by day or night and not be worried by your security.

Of course, there are a lot more reasons to consider studying in Germany such as its cuisine, culture, language, and people. Other important factors are study opportunities and career pathways.

The list does not finish here. It is now in your hands to learn and list down all the other reasons why you should study in the beautiful country of Germany.

Choosing a study destination is not easy. Read more of our articles at MSM Unify to discover what you will benefit from pursuing your education in Germany.

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