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Affordable Places in Galway International Students Can Visit

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Galway is a beautiful city in Ireland and home to hundreds of festivals being celebrated every year. Also known as the “City of Tribes” due to its history of being ruled by merchant families, the city of Galway has since developed into a city for foodies and artists. 

Galway is also home to the National University of Ireland Galway, which is one of the world’s best universities, per the QS Rankings. With those in mind, you might ask, are there affordable places in Galway that international students can visit?

Worry no more, here are some of the affordable places international students can visit while staying in Ireland’s beautiful city of Galway. 

Live Practically and Visit Galway’s Weekend Market

If you want to save money by buying ingredients that you can cook on your own while staying in Galway, Ireland, worry not, as groceries and supermarkets are not the only places to buy them. 

You can visit Galway’s weekend market, which is located near St. Nicholas’ Church in Galway’s city center. Not only are the produce there cheaper than in supermarkets, but they are also fresh.

The market near the church has been around for centuries, and now, hundreds of stalls decorate this part of Galway. Now, aside from the usual produce you can get from an outdoor market such as vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients, you can also buy pastries, local takeaway food, flowers, and even crafts you can give as a gift or souvenir to friends back in your home country. 

During Christmas, the market transforms into a more festive look where you can buy Christmas gifts for your friends. Also, the market is open daily during the Christmas season. 

Stroll Around the Salthill Promenade 

Salthill is a village located in Galway and is located along the Atlantic Ocean. In this village, you can check out the Salthill Promenade that stretches approximately 2 miles long. It is a popular place where you can take a stroll. For students, visiting the place is a good way to unwind from their studies and the city center’s hustle and bustle. 

If you do get tired walking the promenade, you can check out the bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and even ice cream parlors. 

Travel Back in Time and Visit the Church of St. Nicholas 

The Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas is one of the largest medieval churches in Ireland that is still being used to this day. The church has been around since 1320.  

For many visitors, visiting the place seems like they are traveling back in time due to the church’s well-preserved interior. The church is also just near the famous Galway Market, so in case you are planning to buy some stuff there, do not forget to visit this church. 

Moreover, if you love music and want to listen to a concert for free, the church also has those. The church also holds free music concerts including a lunchtime recital of classical music every Tuesday of the month.

Aside from the affordable places in Galway, the city is also home to many festivals, which are usually free, or where items are more affordable. 

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