Advantages of Studying in Canada After the 12th for Indian Students

Advantages of Studying in Canada After the 12th for Indian Students

Over the years, there has been a gradual but steady rise in Canada’s reputation as a top location for international higher education. Many Indian students who want to study in Canada after the 12th consider it one of the top destinations for their higher studies.

Numerous international students are accepted to study in undergraduate and graduate programs in Canada. Canadian universities provide full-time programs as well as diploma programs. For Indian students, the ideal mix is a top-notch education topped with internship possibilities and flexible government immigration and post-study work laws.

So why study in Canada after the 12th? 

MSM Unify lists down the top advantages of studying in Canada after the 12th for Indian students.

Affordable Education

Compared to the USA and UK, Canada provides a good deal for the type of education it offers, as well as the lifestyle it assumes. The important reason for a sizable population of Indian students who want to study in Canada after the 12th is because it has probably the lowest tuition and educational costs. Apart from this aspect, you can also apply for grants to lower the cost of your education in Canada. 

Students at Canadian universities have access to cost-effective, excellent education and research opportunities. An overview of the overall cost of studying in Canada is provided in the MSM Unify table below:

Types of Accounts

Cost in CAD

Undergraduate Program

30,000 / year

Post-graduate Program

20,120 / year

On-Campus Residence

7,000 to 8,000 / year

Off-campus Shared Apartments

400 to 700 / month

Food & Groceries

200 to 600 / month

Books & Supplies

200 to 350/ semester

Because of Canada’s ability to provide the best of both worlds, education institutions like University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, and a number of other universities are available to Indian students who want to study in Canada after the 12th. Canada has the best community college system in the world for students looking for courses that are not too expensive and are brief so they can save on living expenses as well.

Range of Work Opportunities

Another appealing aspect of studying in Canada is the wide range of opportunities to work while and after finishing your degree. Indian students who want to study in Canada after the 12th are allowed to work while they are studying with a proper visa. They are only permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. The main benefit is that they can work without requesting a different work license.

Additionally, during semester breaks and summer vacations, international undergrads are allowed to work continuously. Students are permitted to work part-time, either on-campus or off-campus, for around 20 hours per week in addition to co-op. Depending on the length of the program, they may also apply for a post-study work permit valid for up to three years.

Reputable International Education

Canada is renowned for having a top-notch education. Any degree, testimony, or certificate issued in this country is equivalent to the qualifications set forth by the USA and other advanced nations. Another worthwhile reason to study in Canada from India after the 12th is the country’s reputation that exemplifies a strong value of education.

The majority of Canadian universities are well-regarded internationally and provide a wide variety of majors. Below is a list of Canadian universities that have received rankings from reputable organizations.

Ranking Bodies

Number of Canadian Universities

QS World University Rankings 2021

17 in top 500

The Times Higher Education

9 in top 100

The Shanghai Ranking’s Academic Rankings

19 in top 500

In accordance with the student’s eligibility, Canadian education institutions offer a wide variety of scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence, language proficiency, extracurricular activity, and financial need.

Academic Excellence

Due to the fact that education is a provincial responsibility, all provincial governments in Canada, regardless of the type of institution (college or university), make sure that the level of education is constantly very high. If you are among the Indian students who want to study in Canada after the 12th to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can select from a variety of universities based on your qualifications.

At Canadian schools, you can choose from a variety of specialized diplomas, advanced diplomas, and post-graduate diplomas if you’re seeking a quicker and more relevant way to get the skills you need to find employment.

Focus on Skills Development

Receiving a top-notch education goes beyond what we learn in the classroom. To deal with this, Canada has an excellent system called cooperative work. In essence, if you are among the many Indian students who want to study in Canada after the 12th, co-op offers job opportunities in industry-specific fields while you are still in school. For instance, a communication student has the chance to work for a communication firm, or in the field of media while they are still in school.

Exposing international students to the workplace early on instills discipline while also preparing them for life in the real world. A normal co-op lasts four months out of the year. As a result, students who are enrolled in a four-year degree program that provides co-op can earn 16 months of relevant Canadian job experience while they are still in school. Imagine how these kids will fare in the job market when they begin looking for permanent positions after graduation!

High Quality of Life

One of the safest countries in the world has long been considered to be Canada. Indian students who want to study in Canada after the 12th are assured that they are secure while pursuing their dreams in the country.

The Global Peace Index ranked Canada as the sixth-most peaceful nation in the world in 2018. You will have the same rights as any other Canadian as an international student. High quality of life also includes having access to top-notch medical care, a top-notch educational system, and other essentials like clean air and water, a low population density, a sense of space, etc.

Canada is the preferred destination for Indian students who want to study in Canada after the 12th because of its rich cultural diversity, sizable international population, high standard of education, and numerous other factors. Being an international student has its challenges and is not always a bed of roses. Don’t worry, those difficulties are just a part of what you’re learning.

You can better understand yourself as an international student with the aid of these top advantages of studying in Canada after the 12th. Although it won’t direct your path, it will help you become ready for your endeavor in the country.


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