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A Guide to Getting Socially Involved in College

A Guide to Getting Socially Involved in College

A Guide to Getting Socially Involved in College
Besides studying your chosen program, there is a lot that colleges offer, and you don’t want to miss out. One thing that students are so excited about is the student activities and organizations that they want to get involved in, from campus events, Greek life, to academics. These are great ways to meet new friends that will be very helpful to you as you earn your degree.

Club and organizations

Every college has a variety of student clubs and organizations, from the cultural club, varsity team, theatre group, campus ministry, and more. You can find a list of these on a school’s website. Make sure to join a club that matches your interest. This way, you have another outlet for your other hobbies or talents.

Gaining friends is much easier through clubs. Not only do you get to enjoy the same interests, but you also build long-lasting relationships since you get to see each other more often. 

Campus events

Make the most of the opportunities given to you by your college by attending campus events. It is a fun and helpful way to forget your schoolwork even for just a bit. It will also widen your perspective and knowledge about a lot of things.

Attend events with your friends to make the experience more fun and worthwhile. But when you have a study schedule, know what to prioritize. Grades before anything else!

Greek life

Greek life provides a sense of community for students. If you want to join an established core group of friends while doing charity and exciting events, fraternity life could be right for you. It can be a life-changing part of your life that will make you a stronger person.

However, it may require you to exert time and resources to be a part of a fraternity. Weigh down your priorities because once you get in, you need to stay committed to it.


Who knew academics can get you socially involved? Academics can be a big factor in your social life in college. You can join an honor society or a social-professional frat. Such societies can introduce you to people with the same ideologies and interests. A lot of these are major-specific, so be ready to be introduced to a bunch of people with the same major that you may not yet know. Through this, you can find networks that can help you land your dream internships or dream jobs.

Academic clubs are also a great option. These are always present in a school although varying per institution. You can join subject-specific clubs that can help you boost your knowledge on that certain subject.

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