7 Traditional Swiss Food That International Students Must Try

7 Traditional Swiss Food That International Students Must Try

Ready to treat your taste buds with fine Swiss cuisine? Your journey to Switzerland won’t be complete without the savor of Swiss food. With that, we’ve curated this list to help fill your hunger for heavenly dishes.

You can’t say you’ve tasted the best of Switzerland without trying out these food items:

1. Fondue

Remember those mini fountains of melted cheese or chocolate at parties? Fondue may seem like a typical snack but it has ties with Swiss history.

As the National Dish of Switzerland, fondue fascinates many tourists in the world. It’s often served with gruyere or vacherin cheese, blended with garlic and wine.

2. Rosti

Rosti is potatoes fried flat into a circle topped with any garnish of your choice. You can also try the Valaisanne-style Rosti filled with raclette cheese, bacon, and egg. 

In the past, Farmers served rosti at breakfast. Today, it’s served at any mealtime, across various restaurants in Switzerland.

3. Zürcher Geschnetzeltes

You can’t say you’ve been to Switzerland without trying out zürcher geschnetzeltes. This dish is an absolute favorite among tourists and locals alike.

Zürcher geschnetzeltes consists of veal that’s sliced and fried until golden. It’s finished with mushrooms, calves’ kidneys, gravy, and potatoes—perfect for lunchtime.

4. Swiss Cheese and Chocolate

Swiss chocolates are available in most supermarkets in the world. But trying it out in Switzerland is an entirely new experience you shouldn’t miss.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, a visit to the Lindt Chocolate Museum might fill your senses. Or take a bite of famous Swiss cheese.

Indulge in the aromatic tastes of Tête de Moine or Sbrinz. These types of cheese were all produced from pure Swiss milk. 

5. Älplermagronen

Crazy for macaroni and cheese? Älplermagronen is a Swiss version of this popular dish. It has various styles but one thing’s for sure—it may be the best mac and cheese you’ll ever try.

This mac and cheese recipe has ham, potatoes, onions, and shredded Gruyère or other Alpine cheese. To complete the dish, it’s served with a side of stewed apple.

6. Birchermüesli

Birchermüesli is the ultimate breakfast feast. You can find it almost anywhere, from food stalls to buffets. It’s a kind of traditional Swiss food that would hurt if you missed it.

This breakfast dish consists of oats, fruit, milk, and yogurt. It’s often left to cool in the fridge then served the next day. 

7. Raclette

Switzerland is a haven for cheese lovers. And if you are one, don’t miss out on trying their famous raclette.

Raclette is a kind of semi-hard cheese. It’s often melted on a cheese wheel then transferred onto a plate.

The dish is often served with tiny potatoes, vegetables, and pickled gherkins. The base ingredient of raclette is Alpine cow’s milk, making it creamy enough to melt.

Swiss cuisine is interwoven into the history, culture, and lifestyle of many locals. Check out our stories here at MSM Unify to uncover more things to try in Switzerland.


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