6 College Essay Topics That You Should Avoid

6 College Essay Topics That You Should Avoid

Writing a college essay can be tough. It may not be the process of writing that is difficult but deciding on what to write. Strange enough, many students use most of the topics in this list that should be avoided and are also some of the most commonly used college essay topics.

The question is, why? Why are students writing about uninteresting and tired-out themes for an admissions essay?

For a lot of students, the answer is the narrative. They have an issue with the essay’s focus which is the topic. Listed below are some essay topics to avoid when applying for college admissions:

Your accomplishments

An essay recording a summary of your accomplishments would probably make a broad, bragging, and boring read. Admissions officers will make an impression that you are a boaster.

But this can be done if executed in a humble way. Let your paper speak by allowing your reader to know you more through your experiences and stories. Tell what steps you take to earn your achievements and how they changed youā€“not by showing off how accomplished you are.

Sensitive topics

The topics you would avoid in a college essay are the same avoided on a Thanksgiving table. Avoid sensitive topics like politics and religion even if you’re passionate to write about them. Never write about illicit and inappropriate topics. At the end of the day, your main goal is to be accepted into your preferred school, not just write whatever you want.

The most important something in your life

Doesn’t this sound more like homework when you were in second grade? Discussing the most important person, place, or thing in your life can be shallow and boring to read. It would probably gain you points, but not enough for you to be admitted to college.


Although adding a little humor in your writeup may give a positive impression, it can be tricky. Make sure that your humor is coming out naturally on paper. You should be humorous for a reason, not just because you want to impress your reader. If you’re not born a funny person, do not force it.


A sports essay must be avoided mainly because it is predictable. Everyone knows how a sports story will go regardless of the sports you play. Admissions officers might have had enough of triumph or defeat stories that just kept on being submitted to them every year.

Volunteer experiences and trips

Essays about volunteerism may be one of the most used college essay topics and it is also one of the most clichĆ© topics out there. You don’t need to summarize your itinerary but instead highlight something interesting or unexpected during your trip.

It could be a particular person that gave an impact on you or an experience that helped you become a better person. Think of specific happenings and craft your essay around them.

College essays are complicated. It can be tricky because you do not know what your admissions officers are looking for. A major tip here would be putting yourself in their shoes. Then, hope that everything else will follow.

To know more on what steps to take during the admissions process, read other articles here at MSM Unify.


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