5 Things To Consider When Changing Subjects

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If you want to change subjects, the answer is: you can. However, it depends on a few circumstances. You can swap or drop your subjects after your semester begins. Some of the tips you need to consider in changing subjects are:

Double-check course requirements

It is best to check if your course has prerequisite subjects that will be boring for you. But take note that these prerequisites are important for you to graduate from your program. Once you have checked your course curriculum, and the subject you want to withdraw from is a prerequisite, you have to grit your teeth and hang in there. If you withdraw, a possibility is you will be delayed to graduate and will add more time and load onto your studies.

Do not forget the important dates

There is a due when it comes to changing subjects. Universities normally give a student up to a few weeks of the semester to change or drop subjects. If you exceeded the set dates, you will face financial and academic penalties accordingly.

Your first deadline is the census date. Failure to switch and withdraw subjects by this date will put a ‘withdrawn’ remark on your transcript. Even worse, you will need to pay for the subject’s costs.

However, if you withdraw and re-enroll from subjects before the census, this subject will be removed from your transcript, and you won’t be paying any charges.

Calculate the costs

Cost is unavoidable when it comes to changing subjects, particularly when you did not re-enroll before the census date. Subject costs differ, some may require you to pay for more and others for less.

If your new subject costs more than the replaced one, the excess amount will be added to your fees. But if your new subject costs less, your education provider will credit the difference to your fees.

Consider your study load

A study load is when you dropped out of a subject and do not re-enroll in another. Opting to lighten your load will extend your time in your program, which you do not want.

There are maximum units that you can complete in a semester. Remember to fall within this limit when deciding to adjust your load. Also, take note that if you reduce your load, it can have subsequent implications on your future study options. As such, international students have to keep in mind that visas in some countries require the student to undertake a certain number of units set in the visa conditions.

To swap and drop some subjects, universities have an online student portal. From there, edit your study plan and contact representatives regarding these changes.

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