5 Reasons To Pursue Your MBA in Germany

5 Reasons To Pursue Your MBA in Germany

Pursuing an MBA degree might be the most pivotal decision an international student will make. As an aspiring MBA, it’s necessary to find a study destination that can launch you into the business world.

Germany may not be the first country that pops into mind when it comes to studying business. But there are several reasons why it must be among your top choices.

Forget about the famous Oktoberfest, Germany’s exciting education is all the fun you need. If you’re a budding business leader, Germany is the best place to go.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons to study in Germany for your MBA:

Word-Class Education

Business education in Germany rests on innovative technologies and excellent educators. There is also a growing recognition among German business schools around the globe.

Schools like Mannheim Business School and ESMT Berlin secured spots in the QS World Rankings. Other top business schools in Germany are the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and the EU Business School. 

Virtually Tuition-Free

Germany abolished tuition fees in most of its higher education institutions. In public universities, you only have to pay for miscellaneous fees. Private and prestigious business schools cost more but are still relatively affordable. 

On top of that, you also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships or take a part-time job. These options can help offset other costs, ultimately leading to free education.

Promising Career Prospects

Germany’s economy is the fourth largest in Europe. To retain their formidable economy, it’s necessary to employ highly-educated MBA graduates.

Low birth rates also led to an employment deficit in Germany. To meet this gap, Germany made it easier to obtain a work visa. This means that you can work in Germany immediately after graduation.

An MBA graduate can earn from $78,000 up to $83,500 every year. Your salary range depends on which company you work for and in what city. 

English as a Medium of Instruction

To promote itself among top study destinations, many graduate programs in Germany are taught in English. You can expect few language barriers when taking your MBA at a German business school.

Apart from learning in English, you also have the option to take German lessons for free. Now you can enjoy an easy academic experience while learning a new language.

Diverse Student Population

Due to the low tuition fees, Germany has been a hot spot for thousands of international students. According to Studying in Germany, there are over 400,000 foreign students in the country. This makes it very congenial for MBA aspirants all over the world.

Studying in Germany also paves a pathway toward endless adventures. You can easily travel to various regions in Europe and soak up its wonderful history.

With endless opportunities, taking an MBA in Germany becomes a life lesson. You’ll have the chance to socialize with different nationalities, and you’ll also explore the extreme beauty of the country.

If you’re on the road to taking an MBA, consider Germany as your study destination. Find more related materials about taking an MBA in Germany here at MSM Unify.


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