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5 Effective Ways to Manage College Application Stress

5 Effective Ways to Manage College Application Stress.

Doing the application process is not an easy task. So, to prepare, you should plan the course of action to overcome the stress along with the added pressure. There are support systems that can guide you through the process including parents, friends, and counselors. Listed below are ways on how to effectively cope with stress on your college application.

Start early

Applying to college may cause anxiety for others, and you don’t want to be overwhelmed by your study options. To avoid unnecessary stress, it is important to start early. Try to visit schools’ admissions websites, talk to college representatives or students, and attend college information sessions to help you know what college you want to enroll in.

College application prompts are released before summer starts, so it would be best for you to draft your personal statement as early as you can. Finishing your essay as soon as possible can help divert some of your stress to more important things.

Stay organized

When there are many schools you need to apply to, dates and other important details may be easily mixed up. To avoid stress in remembering these things, write them down and put them somewhere that can easily be seen. Organize your application, from the deadlines, requirements, if you need test scores, and if they need you to submit any supplemental essays.

Once you’re done with a task, cross it off on your checklist. In that way, you won’t experience any hassle if you forget something that must be submitted.

Ask for help

Finishing all of these tasks can’t be done just by yourself and would be best if you ask a trusted adult to help you with it. If you need help with an essay or any part of the application, do not hesitate to ask for guidance from your parents, teacher, or counselor. Do not be shy to ask questions.

Be positive

Keeping a positive mindset and attitude will lead you somewhere. Show your personality by writing authentic essays that best capture you. Take your time in filling in information about yourself. Do not rush, but also be aware of the submission dates. With this, you will ease off the burden of the admissions process and will learn how to be positive even if put under pressure.

Sure, college application can be stressful but by taking note of these simple ways, you can find a school that’s perfect for you. 

We hope we’ve helped you ease your worries in this tiring process. But it’s only a start. Learn more about the admissions process by checking out our other articles at MSM Unify. 


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