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4 Postgraduate Courses in Canada for International Students

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Post-graduation is necessary if you want to excel in the Canadian job market.

Many Indian students are confused about the course they should take in Canada after completing their graduate studies in India. Most of them pursue postgraduate degrees in the hopes of immigration and better job opportunities in the land of maple trees.

Pursuing any postgraduate degree without a second thought about career avenues can detrimentally impact your career and immigration into Canada.

Choose your postgraduate degree wisely. It doesn’t need to be related to your graduate degree. You can choose a postgraduate program that complements your undergraduate course. A recent trend in the market is that techies are doing MBA degrees because they want to lead their engineering and development teams more efficiently. The sole reason for learning business management is to converge principles from both subject matters for better growth.

Top Postgraduate Courses to Pursue in Canada

1. Business Management

Skills in business management and team handling are in high demand among many students. People with leadership and business management degrees head various teams and perform several functions depending on their specialization. You may choose from marketing, finance, human relations, and many more; you are free to choose any specialization.

The business degree is expensive compared to others because of the high demand for it from students and the corporate world. There are many prestigious colleges and universities in Canada providing business degrees.

There are ivy league universities in Canada, such as the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto, among others. The University of Northern British Columbia and Memorial University are good options if you are looking for inexpensive universities. No matter which institution you choose, make sure you have enough funds to pay for the cost of studying and living in Canada.

2.  Engineering and Science Postgraduate Degree

Engineers and scientists are well in demand in Canada. Engineers are nation builders, while scientists find solutions for many problems faced by the nation, along with doctors and business professionals.

Canada offers some of the best engineering degrees in the world. For example, the Memorial University of Newfoundland provides programs in Marine Engineering. Also, they have some of the lowest tuition fees for international students in Canada. The geography of the city of St. John’s (where Memorial University is located) lies adjacent to the ocean, where students can learn practical skills. The prime location allows the university to teach students more efficiently than others that are situated far from bodies of water.

For scientists, Canada is becoming an excellent study destination with various research projects that might not be available everywhere. If you are a scientist that wants to pursue a thesis in marine biology, pursue them in Canadian institutions. They have some of the best offerings that will not disappoint you!

3. Postgraduate Degree in Health Sciences 

Canadian institutions are also excellent choices for pursuing a career in the field of medicine. Although, the process can be complex. You have to prove that your undergraduate degree is equivalent to the Canadian healthcare system.

Despite the complicated process, there is no shortage of job offerings for international students. Doctors are one of the most respected professions in Canada, especially at the height of the pandemic. Careers as health technicians and lab assistants are also high-paying jobs.

4. Hospitality Industry degree

Canada is flocked by tourists throughout the year because of its magnificent natural landscape. When the worst of the pandemic subsided, tourism in Canada boomed, with international tourists returning to experience the country’s natural beauty.

Pursuing a degree in the hospitality industry can give you a fulfilling professional life. The work can be grueling, but if your zeal to serve the people overcomes the challenges, you can have an excellent career in the hospitality industry.


You can have an excellent and rewarding career by pursuing a postgraduate degree in Canada. In corporate scenarios, people with a master’s degree have the edge over undergraduates. Also, if you plan to immigrate to Canada, doing a postgraduate research degree will help you score good points in the express entry system as per the CIC. Make sure to pursue the degree that most interests you and choose wisely!

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